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Designing Ladies Inner Wear In Fashion & Quality Since 1980!

About Us

Inner wear garments hold major importance in making the wearer stay comfortable, feel confident and look appealing. With lingerie being an important necessity, women look for companies which best present in undergarments, a fine mix of comfort and style. Talking of style and comfort in inner wear and not mentioning the range, which is a produce of Al Ameera Apparel is not possible as we serve the best combination of style and comfort to ladies.

Each of our undergarment be it Ladies Pink Color Bra, Skin Friendly Ladies Bra, Ladies Panty, Ladies Red Net Bra or any other, suits every skin type as cotton and hosiery like skin-friendly, light on skin, soft and sweat soaking fabrics are used in the making. From lush green, hot pink to classy white, soft purple and much more, we have a collection of undergarments in almost all colors. There is a special facility for customers having bulk undergarments requirement called customization facility. From color to material, size and design, we as a manufacturer, do custom designing on all specifications.

Quality Accessories for Comfortable Inner Wear

Comfortable inner wear is a result of not only quality made fabric, but also quality made accessories. Understanding this, we use a quality inspected range of hooks, straps, pads, elastic and other accessories. For standard collection, standard accessories are used and for designer collection, stylish accessories are used. Sourcing of aforesaid accessories is done from authentic names of the Indian industry, which showcase and serve quality and nothing less than high quality.

Variety Makes Us Worth Dealing

There are many reasons of getting in touch with our company like moderate price structure, bulk orders completion and fast delivery service. But out of all the reasons, one that is given in feedback by every customer who has made deals with our company in the past is Variety. Yes, it is variety in Ladies Bra and Ladies Panty that gets us more and more orders from our customer base. The reason for our serving of variety undergarments is the fact that we want to meet every need of customers and end buyer of our products being ladies are given variety to help them choose as per their skin, body structure and want. Variety is given in the following:
  • Design
  • Material
  • Color
  • Size
  • Accessory
  • Price

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